Mobile editing, back in the olden days.

I’m often at home, watching Comedy Central while chopping together work-related videos on my MacBook Pro (15″ w/Retina). Oftentimes, I’ll get annoyed with a long render process, or having to plug in the device before the battery dies. These are minor concerns when I now look back to what was considered a mobile editing solution around fifteen years ago.


Sure, there were mobile DVC-PRO deck prior to the 2000′s, but my Portland station was slow to transfer from Beta SP. If you wanted to edit in the field, it would have to be in one of the ENG vans. However, if those were completely booked-up and you were out of town on urgent business, it might be necessary to construct an edit station in the back seat of a Ford Explorer.

Look legit, right?

Gang of Geeks at Tribeca Cinemas

I just got back from my recent trip and got my footage all sorted out. I planned to edit on the flight back, but that simply just didn’t happen. Here’s the public-facing version of our Gang of Geeks event at the historic Tribeca Cinemas.

I fully produced (also shot & edited) this report, which also ran in the company’s internal news program.

I’m OFFICIALLY a college graduate!


Fun story: I recently learned from an employer’s background check that, according to Southern Oregon University, I wasn’t really a college graduate – despite going to the school for 4 years and walking the stage in my cap n’ gown. Apparently someone forgot to check a box or update a file, leaving my accredited status as pending for the past 17 years. I had a minor heart attack when I first learned the news. The rep at my college was super helpful (and apologetic) and had it all sorted out in a matter of hours. So now I have a fancy, new diploma and I’m finding amusement that none of the many background checks over the years from my previous employers ever stumbled across this.

Having fun (working) at Comic-Con

For the most part, I’ve been running around San Diego Comic-Con mostly being a nerd – again. However, there have been a few moments where I pitched-in and helped out some of my PR and media comrades – like when I was tasked with going to the heavily fortified Marvel press room to interview Sebastian Stan the hero-turned-villain from the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Link: EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Stan Talks Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Reporting From the CW “Green Carpet”

This week, The Daily Buzz social media reporter Morgahn Miller and I headed up to NYC to attend the CW Network’s upfront presentation. It’s an event when the networks, each premier their fall lineup for affiliates and the media. Since the DBZ airs on close to 100 CW stations, were sorta like an affiliate ourselves and went to help out our CW partners, and also grab some good entertainment coverage across some key demos.


We were given a visual index so that we remembered who each TV star was in the editing room – and to help relieve embarrassing interview situations on the carpet.

quickly scanning the visual index before each CW star gets to us

This is what I looked like behind the camera, shooting video and snapping iPhone pics.


Promo: “Anthem Redux”

Affiliates were raving about our earlier “Anthem” promo, so I decided to prep an “enhanced” version for February sweeps that hits on many of the brands messages and strategies from our Q1 Marketing plan. The spot is actually built as a :30, the remaining :06 is for stations to tag in the station look.

Everything was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, I edited and composited in Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.