Create a DIY backdrop from a shower curtain

Eliza Holiday Photo 1

I’ve got a sneaky backdrop trick that I’ve used for the past few years in my photo and video shoots, and it costs less than $10. All you need is at least one background light and a plastic shower curtain.

Here’s how I used it last night on some hasty family holiday portraits. If I had more time I would have stretched out the curtain over a few nights, but this was very ‘spur of the moment’.

Family Holiday Photos

And this is the setup I used: one light that blasts the center of the backdrop, and then some string lights at different depths to add something around the edges.

Now, it’s important to note that this works best if you shoot with a camera (like a DSLR) that has a really shallow depth-of-field. You really want to knock out the background, so that it has more of “lit” effect – and to blur out the folds an imperfections found in a cheap, plastic shower curtain.

Here’s an example of how I used it in past video shoots. It worked really well in the interview shots, but if I knew there would have been so much handheld and two shots, I would have laid out the scene much differently.