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Create a DIY backdrop from a shower curtain

Eliza Holiday Photo 1

I’ve got a sneaky backdrop trick that I’ve used for the past few years in my photo and video shoots, and it costs less than $10. All you need is at least one background light and a plastic shower curtain.

Here’s how I used it last night on some hasty family holiday portraits. If I had more time I would have stretched out the curtain over a few nights, but this was very ‘spur of the moment’.

Mix up Your Shots with a Lensbaby

I’ve been shooting broadcast spots with my Canon 5D Mark II since the whole DSLR revolution began, and realized very quickly that if I wanted to differentiate my footage from everyone that has access to a DSLR that I would need to shoot with better – and more importantly, different – lenses.

I used a Lensbaby Composer – which is a hobby lens that allows the photographer to bend and shift the focus of the image. It’s become a hit with pro photographers, prompting the company to expand their professional offerings. This type of look has really caught on in Hollywood productions, where they employ a cinema version on their high end cameras. Once you see what the footage looks like, you’ll be able to spot it nearly everywhere.

Make Your Own DIY Ringlight

I love YouTube, especially when I want to learn some new tips and tricks for videography. I stumbled across this awesome tutorial (below) on how to make a DIY ringlight for under $60 and had to give it a try.

And here’s my own version in action on some interviews with Charles Divins:

It was difficult getting the exact bulb mounts at the big box DIY stores in my area, and I would have loved to outfit this sucker with LED lights, but at that point it’s cheaper to just buy a new ringlight. This think gets crazy hot during closeup shots, but does the trick!