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Encouraging Partners to Share on Facebook

Promoting a syndicated news program comes with an extra layer of difficulty that you don’t get from promoting a news product in a single market. Airtime for promo spots is continually shrinking, and when you multiply that by hundreds of stations the picture only gets more grim. That’s where social media can help shore up some of the on-air deficit. You can engage viewers at work or on their mobile phones, reminding them to tune into the broadcast.

It Only Takes A Click

Part of my online strategy has been to push topical promos on Facebook, but since we’re still limited by our modest number of fans I enlisted help at the local level. Not only does it help the show increase reach, but it also give station Facebook pages (especially those that don’t have news) more content to keep their social media channels active.

This sort of video isn’t just for syndicated programs, you can easily create variations of this video to promote clients and other content partners to share. We’ve already seen incremental increases in reach just after a handful of affiliates joined in.

Promo – “We Love Social Media”

Right on the heels of doing an extensive, “back to basics” promo campaign, I decided it was time to throw in another lighthearted spot that will get people talking. Google+ had just launched and everyone was going nuts with how social media was getting out of control. The timing was perfect, and the message was right on spot – showing that we’re actually in the know with social media trends, but admit that at the end of the day, it’s all about promoting an old-school TV show.