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Promo: “Anthem Redux”

Affiliates were raving about our earlier “Anthem” promo, so I decided to prep an “enhanced” version for February sweeps that hits on many of the brands messages and strategies from our Q1 Marketing plan. The spot is actually built as a :30, the remaining :06 is for stations to tag in the station look.

Everything was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, I edited and composited in Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Promo – “On The Right Track”

Moving into the next quarter, our promo strategy still rests on selling the new team and vibe of the show. While shooting our sales and syndication presentations I had the team talk about why they love being part of the show and what we deliver each morning. The show and some of our other promos are very motion graphics heavy, so I wanted to try something that was very clean and elegant.

Promo – “Anthem”

Part of our rebranding challenge was to convince viewers that the new team and show was still the fun experience they were used to. Using a variation of the show’s opening theme song (produced by N*Sync’s Chris Kirkpatrick), I made this image spot that shows off the vibe and attitude of the show. It’s working. This song really gets stuck in your head. I got word from our Charlotte station that this promo is in heavy rotation throughout the day.

We’ll be updating it with new show footage regularly and pushing it out again every few months.

Promo – “We Love Social Media”

Right on the heels of doing an extensive, “back to basics” promo campaign, I decided it was time to throw in another lighthearted spot that will get people talking. Google+ had just launched and everyone was going nuts with how social media was getting out of control. The timing was perfect, and the message was right on spot – showing that we’re actually in the know with social media trends, but admit that at the end of the day, it’s all about promoting an old-school TV show. Relaunch Image Promo

With the Fisher Communications version of (and partnering with The Daily Buzz), I created a series of online video promos (to be used as inline video or Flash based video ads). The general theme that the site’seditors wanted, is that GalTime is a place for women af all walks of life to talk about what’s real in their lives.

On a related note, here’s the launch promos for GT’s sister site,

Local 2 Investigates Campaign

Here’s a look at the investigative team promo campaign I produced at KPRC in Houston, TX. It was a “refresh” of the existing brand image, but with a more modern, “techie” look – while keeping an element of the urban grit. This was the introductory spot, with each of the team members getting their own vignette spots.

Print Collateral:

Stephen Dean

Robert Arnold

Amy Davis

Want to know how I got some of those cool video shots? I used Lensbaby lenses on my DSLR camera.

“We Are Houston” Promo Campaign

My first big job as Promo Producer at KPRC in Houston was to produce a series of campaign spots to premier during the Superbowl. We rented a soundstage in downtown Houston, and went to work refreshing the Local 2 news team’s commitment to the community and news product. We eventually landed several Emmy nominations for the spots and campaign.

Finished Promos