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I’m OFFICIALLY a college graduate!


Fun story: I recently learned from an employer’s background check that, according to Southern Oregon University, I wasn’t really a college graduate – despite going to the school for 4 years and walking the stage in my cap n’ gown. Apparently someone forgot to check a box or update a file, leaving my accredited status as pending for the past 17 years. I had a minor heart attack when I first learned the news. The rep at my college was super helpful (and apologetic) and had it all sorted out in a matter of hours. So now I have a fancy, new diploma and I’m finding amusement that none of the many background checks over the years from my previous employers ever stumbled across this.

Reporting From the CW “Green Carpet”

This week, The Daily Buzz social media reporter Morgahn Miller and I headed up to NYC to attend the CW Network’s upfront presentation. It’s an event when the networks, each premier their fall lineup for affiliates and the media. Since the DBZ airs on close to 100 CW stations, were sorta like an affiliate ourselves and went to help out our CW partners, and also grab some good entertainment coverage across some key demos.


We were given a visual index so that we remembered who each TV star was in the editing room – and to help relieve embarrassing interview situations on the carpet.

quickly scanning the visual index before each CW star gets to us

This is what I looked like behind the camera, shooting video and snapping iPhone pics.


Unboxing the CW Fall Preview Kit

The CW - 2012-13 Season Preview

As you know, I love getting marketing kits and promotional materials and then laying everything out for a photograph. And it is extremely rare that I’m disappointed by anything from The CW network, as their kits are always gorgeous and well planned out. Today I received advance screeners of many of the new fall shows. These aren’t review copies, so I really shouldn’t say anything other than I was really surprised by some of the charming and clever new shows. I haven’t watched Arrow yet, in case you’re wondering.

cam: Fuji X100

Unboxing the Dictator Press Kit

The Dictator - Press Kit

The Daily Buzz received an oddly labeled box today which had some (fictional) Republic of Wadiya currency taped to the top. Once ripped open, there was a wealth of “become your own Dictator” items, and what I presume are beer kegger cups. We’ve already started taking photos of staff members as ruthless Wadiya dictators, and will – no doubt – be featuring this stuff on the show.

Camera: Fuji X100
Flickr: Unboxing Press Kits (Photoset)

Unboxing Hasbro’s “The Avengers” Press Kit

The FedEx truck rolled up today, delivering an important ‘metal’ case (which I suspect was sent from my contact in SHIELD).

Exterior view: “Break Seal In Case of Global Emergency”

Hasbro "The Avengers" Press Kit (1)

Interior view: Box opens to The Avengers team, each in their own compartment (not shown: Each of the heroes’ names on each of the box flaps when you open the box)

Hasbro "The Avengers" Press Kit (2)

Interview 2: There’s a bunch of cool Iron Man and Hulk gear below the action figure tray.

Hasbro "The Avengers" Press Kit (3)