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I’m OFFICIALLY a college graduate!


Fun story: I recently learned from an employer’s background check that, according to Southern Oregon University, I wasn’t really a college graduate – despite going to the school for 4 years and walking the stage in my cap n’ gown. Apparently someone forgot to check a box or update a file, leaving my accredited status as pending for the past 17 years. I had a minor heart attack when I first learned the news. The rep at my college was super helpful (and apologetic) and had it all sorted out in a matter of hours. So now I have a fancy, new diploma and I’m finding amusement that none of the many background checks over the years from my previous employers ever stumbled across this.

Introducing the New iPad

Here’s a quick spoof that my Creative Services team put together to air on The Daily Buzz ahead of the news about the new iPad Mini. Luckily, my producer/host Morgahn let us use her likeness and such for the spot. (note: We were able to produce this spot quickly, thanks in part to an amazing After Effects template project from

Promo – “We Love Social Media”

Right on the heels of doing an extensive, “back to basics” promo campaign, I decided it was time to throw in another lighthearted spot that will get people talking. Google+ had just launched and everyone was going nuts with how social media was getting out of control. The timing was perfect, and the message was right on spot – showing that we’re actually in the know with social media trends, but admit that at the end of the day, it’s all about promoting an old-school TV show.

Dark Knight Rises (Parody) Toy Commercial

After wandering through target recently, I came across some of the toys for the latest Batman franchise movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Those movies, even at PG-13, are super mature and aimed much more adults – which is whay I found it so funny that the action figures for the movie are targeted for ages 4 and up. After buying up a bunch of Mattel toys and convincing the Taylors to let their son Joey (pretend to) swear, I’ve ended up with this sketch for this week’s The Daily Buzz.

I’ve always wanted to make a old-school toy commercial!

Local 2 Investigates Campaign

Here’s a look at the investigative team promo campaign I produced at KPRC in Houston, TX. It was a “refresh” of the existing brand image, but with a more modern, “techie” look – while keeping an element of the urban grit. This was the introductory spot, with each of the team members getting their own vignette spots.

Print Collateral:

Stephen Dean

Robert Arnold

Amy Davis

Want to know how I got some of those cool video shots? I used Lensbaby lenses on my DSLR camera.